Medical education

Promoting communication – Sustaining knowledge transfer

People working together

Content with practical relevance and personal exchange with colleagues are among the main motivators for medical professionals to take part in advanced training. We have developed an innovative professional training concept that brings together physicians from different health care domains and promotes knowledge exchange. Within our certified “scientific panels”, participants attend workshops spanning across different sectors and develop solutions and consensuses on pertinent issues. Corresponding results are published in renowned medical journals.


New insights for daily practice

Restless Legs

Restless legs syndrome belongs to the five most common differential diagnoses for patients with leg issues. The RLS Day we conceptualized enabled determining prevalence based on data of more than 16,000 patients in over 300 general medicine practices in Germany. New insights were also gained by examining RLS comorbidities, an important topic for RLS researchers and clinicians. Find out more here.

Expert forums

Multifaceted medical conditions


In expert forums we conceptualize and conduct, new insights and projects emerge from interdisciplinary exchange of medical expertise. We recognize implicit knowledge and employ it purposefully in daily practice and for our customers.